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Calling All Freelancers… Great Starter Tools for You!

February 22, 2010

I just read 9 Great Start Tools For Freelancers by Andrew G.R. on

He lists sites that range from managing your time to finding just the perfect photo, and here are the 9 of the best websites suggested for freelancers like you and I.  Check them out to jumpstart your freelance career!

Jobpile for freelance job listings in major cities across the country.

Backpack app helps you create an intranet online, where you can create task lists, share files and images, manage production calendars, and even collaborate with others.  There is a 30-day free trial.

HighRise for managing all your contacts and for keeping reminders to stay in touch with prospects and keeping track with what was said and when you need to follow up next.

Remember the Milk helps you stay on top of tasks.  You can create to-do lists and set reminders .

Meebo will help you communicate quickly with clients via chat or instant messenger.

FreshBooks makes account management easy.  It helps navigate accounts payable and receivable, send and track invoices online, and enter billable time from your computer or mobile devices.

ConceptShare will allow you to collaborate with clients by sharing print, web, and video projects.  Upload your work to the site, and then invite others to view and offer feedback.

ProjectStat lets you easily enter and update project statuses.  Clients can log on and see how you’re progressing iwth timelines, rather than contacting you directly.

MorgueFile provides a huge library of high res, royalty-free images searchable by keyword.  Users can download any photo free of charge, view complete portfolios of photographers, and rate images to help improve the archive.

What are your favorite freelance tools? Click here for the entire article from rotorblog.

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